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Halcom has extensive and varied project experience, from small companies to large companies. In addition to customers from private companies, Halcom also has customer segmentation from the government segment.


Project References (Government Sector)

  • Master Clock (Hang Nadim Airport)
  • Managed Service DRC e-KTP (BP Batam)
  • End Point Security ESET (BP Batam)
  • Network Revitalization 10G (BP Bataan)
  • NAC and Wireless Aruba (BP Batam)
  • Cisco Security NGIPS (BP Batam)
  • Oracle Database Tuning (BP Batam)
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management (BP Batam)
  • PM CCTV Sony & Digifort (Hang Nadim Airport)
  • E-Katalog Microsoft License (Hang Nadim Airport)
  • Digital Radio Communcation (Hang Nadim Airport)
  • Door Access Control (Hang Nadim Airport)
  • PM IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (PLN Batam)
  • Command Center & CCTV Outdoor (Kominfo Batam)
  • Server & Storage Project (Dispenda Bali)
  • Cisco Webex Cloud (Kopertis X)

Project References
(Private Sector)

  • New Factory Network, Firewall & Server (Simatelex)
  • Avigilon CCTV Project (Flextronics)
  • New Factory Network Cabling (Excelitas)
  • Outdoor CCTV Resort Project (Montigo Resort)
  • Dell Unity Storage (Epson Batam)
  • Server Farm Switch & SAN Switch (Epson Batam)
  • HP Production Server & Oracle Database (SIIX)
  • Cisco Security ISE (Infineon Batam)
  • Cisco Network & Cabling Phase 2 (WIK Batam)
  • Server, VMware and Veeam (TEC Batam)
  • Sound System (Mesjid Raya Batam)
  • Video Wall Command Center (AIR)
  • Network Revitalization 10G (Flextronics Batam)
  • Lenel System and Access Door (Infineon Batam)
  • Flap Gates and Access Door (Epson Batam)
  • Core Switch & Router Revitalization (UIN Suska)

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