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Mitra Acara Cisco

  • 29/11/2019
  • Admin

Halcom are IT Infrastructure Specialist, and determined to be the IT company that provides total solutions to its clients and include convenience in implementing the solutions we provide.

In the competitive world of business today, also the uncertain stability of the world economy, the speed and accuracy of the information is very important to maintain the existence of a company, therefore we PT. Halcom Integrated Solution seeks to provide the right solution, innovative and efficient way to help supplement the needs of the information technology and communication to each of our clients.

“The Customer Satisfaction is a top priority,” is a culture that we always keep in our efforts to meet customer needs. We are also committed to always maintain a harmonious relationship with all our customers.

Halcom also established “strategic alliances” with some companies that bring products that have international standards in the world of ICT.

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