About Halcom

PT Halcom Integrated Solution was founded on June 18, 2003 in Batam. Widely recognized for its consistent to enterprise and government segments. Halcom's ICT service offerings range focus IT Infrastructure Specialist and IT consulting services based on industry best-practices.

Halcom has teams of young and dynamic professionals with regular refreshed necessary knowledge and skill sets. It has also build strategic alliances with a number of national and global technology partners that have Digital Transformation vision.

Line of Business

Halcom has 4 line of business, they are IT Infrastruc¬ture Specialist, Managed Services, Mechanical & Electrical and Industrial Automation.

Halcom focused on main line of business as an IT Infrastructure Specialist. We are giving an optimal solution for your needs. We are providing IT hardware and software, also professional services including project management, installation, testing and training.

IT Infrastructure Specialist

Halcom provides managed services and preventive maintenance of your IT infrastructure.

Managed Services

Halcom provides design, supervise and installation of electrical and mechanical works at various facilities such as office buildings, hotels, airport, and manufacturing.

Mechanical & Electrical

Halcom offers automation solutions for your industry. The solution provided by halcom makes it possible to transform from a manual process or semi-automatic process into a complete set of automated processes. 5o you can get efficient results.

Industrial Automation


Our Vision

To be the leading IT company in producing IT products and services for appropriate, integrated and professional solutions. And contribute as a generator in the development of the quality of the environment and society.

Our Mission

  • Develop competitive IT industry products.
  • Provide the best service to our customers.
  • Developing the best and latest technological innovations.
  • Increase benefits and added value for customers and stake holders.
  • Promoting professionalism and cooperation for quality services.
  • Give a positive impact on the environment with the poten¬tial of natural resources and the environment to improve the welfare of the community.
  • Conduct knowledge education to the society in order to improve human resources quality.

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